EV8 Technologies help UK Drivers Embrace Green Driving – ESA Commercialisation Gateway

On 27 November 2023, the ESA Commercialisation Days: Transportation event will take place. Key actors from the transportation and space sectors will come together to develop new synergies. Read the story below from EV8 Technologies, one of the start-ups that will pitch during the event.


Electric vehicles (EVs) are key to plan for a sustainable future. EV8 Technologies is a London-based start-up co-founded in 2018 by Kearney and Cenex. Its mission is clear: to guide and support businesses and consumers through every stage of the electric vehicle adoption process, from “how do I switch?” through to charging and energy optimisation. This is achieved by developing AI and machine learning software solutions that facilitate the integration of EVs into the energy grid while optimising energy usage.

Simplifying the Shift to Electric

EV8 Technologies is spearheading a movement to make the transition to EVs easier for drivers. The first product launched in collaboration with ESA was the EV8 Switch app in 2021, which is available for free on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store in the UK. Using GNSS satellite data to understand vehicle locations and driving behaviour, the app helps drivers make informed choices about how an EV Technologies could work for them. It reduces confusion about whether an electric car is the right choice by providing independent, personalised insights based on real driving in one’s current petrol or diesel car.

The development of the EV8 Switch app was made possible with the support of the European Space Agency’s Space Solutions program. NatWest Group also co-branded and supported the app launch, offering a salary sacrifice version to their employees in 2022.

In 2023, EV8 Technologies launched a fleet version of the EV8 Switch app: it is an online dashboard that provides fleet managers with insights at a fleet and individual vehicle level. Data can be collected from vehicles either using the EV8 Switch phone application, which interfaces directly with the portal, or using vehicle telemetry. The data collected is analysed, building up a picture of vehicle and fleet range requirements and driving patterns.

Where next?

The company has been steadily building out it’s tech platform and client base to move toward the vision of enabling the largest EV virtual power plant (VPP) platform globally. The next phase of this is EV8 Live, which represents the cutting edge of EV data analytics and real-time insights, allowing EV owners to participate in lucrative vehicle-to-grid market mechanisms whilst preserving the minimum level of transport utility from their vehicle.