Awake.AI Marketplace: Revolutionising the Maritime Port Services Trading Landscape – ESA Commercialisation Gateway

Awake.AI Marketplace: Revolutionising the Maritime Port Services Trading Landscape - ESA Commercialisation Gateway

On 27 November 2023, the ESA Commercialisation Days: Transportation event will take place. Key actors from the transportation and space sectors will come together to develop new synergies. Read the story below from Awake.Ai, one of the start-ups that will pitch during the event. Awake.Ai participated in the ESA BIC Finland and BASS programs.

What does Awake.AI do?

Awake.AI Marketplace is set to transform the way port services are traded within the maritime industry. Its innovative platform connects port service providers with buyers to offer a solution for listing, purchasing and delivering port services. This is inclusive of digital services with optional recurrence (subscriptions).

The marketplace is designed to enhance transparency and streamline operations. Awake.AI enables port service providers to create and manage orders for all types of port services, whether they are connected to a vessel port call or not. Moreover, the marketplace allows shipping agents, acting as buyers, to conveniently browse and purchase services, while enjoying complete visibility of the fulfilment process, inclusive of communication between buyer and seller.

How the platform works:

By utilising multiple datasets Awake.AI has created a marketplace built on current and accurate information. They utilise both satellite and non-satellite data (such as Satellite weather data, SAR radar data, vessel AIS data – vessel positions, satellite imagery and GNSS/GPS positional data) to provide comprehensive insights for platform users. Using these datasets, machine learning AI can be used to create predicted vessel arrival times, this is but one example of the platform output.

Who is using it Awake.AI:

The first commercial customer for Awake.AI was Fintraffic. They control and manage the land, air and sea traffic in Finland. Awake.AI provides the Marketplace functionalities through API Integrations for the new, to be launched, European Maritime Single Window for Finland.

The combination of new IMO mandated Maritime Single Window & Awake.AI Marketplace functionalities opens a new opportunity to the world of shipping. This integration facilitates the automation of buying and selling of port services globally. As a result of this work Awake.AI won the Innovation and Product Launches award in 2023 at the Ship Technology Excellence Awards

Awake.AI is a recipient of ESA funding. Awake.AI also uses data from ESA Sentinel satellites.