Fire Arrow and Arup together for sustainable approach to spaceport development

With more countries than ever before exploring launch capability, Arup’s timely addition to Fire Arrow’s consortium of expertise will boost the company’s ability to provide sustainable, responsive and low-cost access to space

A UK firm focused on leveraging expertise that its team has built up working across multiple British spaceport projects to support new spaceport developments across the globe has announced its first in a series of high-profile strategic partners.

Fire Arrow was established last year in response to growing international demand from countries exploring the potential for establishing sovereign launch capability with a particular focus on launching small satellites into orbit that can have the ability to provide Earth intelligence data and communications to support multiple sectors, critical national infrastructure, environmental monitoring, and much more.  The firm has been in discussion with a number of governments and private companies with a view to support them in developing their sovereign space launch capability in a safe, responsive, sustainable, and affordable manner. The firm works with multiple ‘best in class’ organisations across market analysis, launcher pairing, safety and risk, human factors, environmental impact analysis, air space change, design, construction, regulatory support and launch brokerage, delivering a turnkey service to deliver licensed spaceports.

As a result, Fire Arrow will team up with Arup, a global engineering consultancy, dedicated to sustainable development. As a collective of designers, consultants and experts working globally, Arup collaborates with clients and partners, using imagination, technology, and rigour to deliver complex projects and shape a better world.

This announcement signals intent from the start-up, as Arup adds considerable resources for the Fire Arrow team.

Already at the forefront of some of the most iconic architectural and engineering projects such as the V&A Dundee, and prominent aviation projects including airport master planning for Singapore Changi Airport and Zayed International in Abu Dhabi. Arup have also been involved in the early development and design of two of Scotland’s spaceports working on both the Sutherland Spaceport vertical launch facility and Prestwick Spaceport horizontal launch facility. Arup’s work with Fire Arrow is poised to broaden its horizons as the company grows its involvement in the fast-growing commercial space sector.

Arup is no stranger to the space industry and has already ventured into various space-related projects. From designing a space station concept inspired by DNA strands for zero-gravity living, known as ‘Helix’, to contributing mechanical, electrical, and fire engineering expertise, The European Space Innovation Centre in Noordwijk for space technology enterprises, and providing engineering services on two of the UKs spaceports. ARUP has demonstrated how its cross-sectoral expertise can be transitioned into space projects. ARUP now finds itself with a timely alignment of vision and opportunity and is on the cusp of potential collaborations for developing spaceports, underscoring ARUP’s reputation as a trusted partner in driving transformative projects across borders.

Graeme Moncur, Associate, at Arup commented:

“Building on our space and aviation sector experience, leveraging our existing multi-disciplinary expertise, we look forward to working with Fire Arrow on the development of launch facilities globally, that align with our principles and sustainability agenda.”

Stuart Fyvie, Technical Director of Fire Arrow said,

“Partnering with Arup is another positive step for Fire Arrow, aligning perfectly with our desire to advance space access opportunities in a way that minimises the environmental impact of construction and launch activity. Our team’s skill sets, and the capabilities across Fire Arrow’s network of close to twenty strategic spaceport delivery partners, dovetail perfectly with Arup’s expertise and we have no doubt that this collaboration will result in meaningful contributions to the development of modern spaceports.”

Matt Archer, Launch Director at the UK Space Agency, said,

“The UK space industry continues to grow and we need a wide range of expertise coming into the sector to take advantage of the significant opportunities that lie ahead. As we look forward to the first UK vertical launches this year, it is great to see Fire Arrow and Arup partnering on this project to help put sustainability at the heart of modern spaceport development.”
About Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow is a spaceport development company leveraging expertise from a broad consortium of spaceflight specialists to develop government and commercial launch site programmes from aspiration to reality, idea to orbit. With proven expertise to seamlessly transition projects from feasibility to first launch, Fire Arrow oversees the complexities of affordable spaceport scoping, feasibility, design, construction, and delivery using a breadth of practical experience. With the foresight required to achieve success, Fire Arrow plans ahead identifying the knowns and unknowns early on in the project to facilitate its development. The company adopts a concierge approach aligned with a ‘commercial space’ ethos that is both flexible and affordable, tailored to the client’s vertical or horizontal launch needs across all programme requirements, including management, people factors, regulatory assurance, safety, risk and infrastructure build, and sustainability.