Leaf Space Expands Network with its own teleport in Punta Arenas, Chile

Leaf Space has set up its own teleport in Punta Arenas, Chile. This new site significantly increases the Leaf Line network capacity and reduces latency overall especially for the Americas. Leaf Space’s customers will leverage from the Leaf Line widely distributed network to create and improve satellite based products requiring low latency and high frequency revisit.

The new Leaf Space’s owned teleport was built from scratch on previously unused land. As of now, this new site is populated with two already operational full motion tracking antennas and plans are made to increase the number of ground stations in the future.

Two New S/X Antennas in Chile
Two New S/X Antennas in Chile. Credits: @Leaf Space

The full ownership of the teleport ensures LEAF SPACE complete control, flexibility and ramp up capacity to meet the market demand.

Key Features of the Punta Arenas Site

  • Two full motion antennas: Provides more capacity for user operations and LEOP.
  • Scalability: Space and infrastructure available for additional Leaf Line antennas or customer-owned antennas.
  • Low Latency: Over the Americas, Leaf Line network users can provide low-latency data delivery.

By establishing two antennas in such a strategic location, Leaf Space enhance the level of service provided to its customer base and also benefits from a crucial advantage when supporting rideshare LEOP campaigns like SpaceX’ Transporter missions where multiple satellites are launched together and required a timely support to initiate first communication with Earth.

Leaf Space Ground Station Network
Leaf Space Ground Station Network. Credits: @Leaf Space
“For the first time, Leaf Space built a new teleport from scratch, which is a significant milestone for the company. This achievement lays the groundwork for the four more greenfield sites currently in development,”

said Jonata Puglia.

Leaf Space currently operates 23 ground stations in 14 countries. Leaf Space increases the network capacity without transferring the costs to the users.This translates to lower operational costs for startups and established operators alike.

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