Innovative graphene-enhanced thermal adhesives for satellites – ESA Commercialisation Gateway

Innovative graphene-enhanced thermal adhesives for satellites - ESA Commercialisation Gateway

Danish Graphene is a developer and manufacturer of functional graphene for industrial applications incubated in ESA BIC Denmark to develop graphene-enhanced thermal adhesives to increase performance and lifetime of satellites.

Founded in 2020, it has worked to develop a scalable production of functional graphene products that can be easily integrated with industrially relevant materials to enhance the performance of adhesives, coatings and batteries. The company, located in Vejle, Denmark, has laboratories, production and office space all under one roof. The team work closely with key industry companies to integrate functional graphene seamlessly to create new enhanced solutions that can help improve performance of existing products and give new tools to solve challenges in various industries.

Danish Graphene has worked with West Hill Capital towards a seed funding round of GBP 2.5 million to scale and grow their business. On May 2023 the funding round initiated with great interest from investors and was oversubscribed within only 24 hours.

We are overwhelmed by the interest in the seed round and pleased to be welcoming new investors in our journey. The new capital enables us to bring our plans into reality, grow our company and bring graphene products to more industries” says Andreas Brunsgaard Laursen, Co-founder and CEO of Danish Graphene.

This new funding will be used to scale up the company both in terms of competencies and capabilities as well as production capacity. The team at Danish Graphene is already hard at work to execute on the next steps in our plans starting with the launch of a brand-new graphene-enhanced thermal management solution for the space industry. The graphene-enhanced thermal adhesive from Danish Graphene has been developed while incubated in ESA BIC Denmark. The product has already gained great interest from several hardware manufacturers in the space industry both in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. The thermal adhesive can help remove heat from critical electronic components and cameras to increase performance and lifetime of satellites.

The interest from the space industry in our thermal adhesive has been beyond our expectations. The industry is very welcoming and has a desire to try the latest new technology that we have not experienced in other industries. In space even slight improvements of performance or weight reduction can have major benefits which, I think, is why the prospect of our solutions to greatly improve performance is so interesting to many hardware manufacturers in the industry” states Andreas Brunsgaard Laursen.

The coming phase of Danish Graphene’s journey will focus on commercialising this new thermal adhesive product and iterate on it through feedback from the industry. The goal is to have a portfolio of thermal management solutions made possible with graphene that can be implemented in any electronics going into space. From there, these solutions can also be used in various applications to improve products for on-Earth applications to benefit everyday electronics and improve our daily lives as well as help reach the Moon and beyond.