Demystified: Artificial Intelligence in Property & Casualty

Between climate change, a demand for frictionless customer experiences, razor thin margins, and an abundance of information, the insurance industry is at the precipice of transformation. These trends are causing everyone to rethink the basics.

How do you create a frictionless policyholder experience if you’re relying on long questionnaires? How do you capture the ever-changing risk in renewals or prevent premium leakage? How do we get to a one-click purchase? How can it be done with accuracy?

Watch this on-demand webinar with Arturo’s Chief Strategy Officer, Neil Pearson, and Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Daniela Moody, to:

  • Learn what artificial intelligence even is and how we can use it to decide with intelligence about properties.
  • Discover the true story of one property and how AI can be used to deliver easy quotes, prevent underinsurance, or help with claims triage.
  • Dive deep into how AI can help with targeted roof condition analysis.
  • Reveal how Arturo can help you reinvent property & casualty insurance

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