ASI: The Indus River’s Tarbela Dam

ASI: The Indus River's Tarbela Dam

The Indus River valley in Pakistan is regulated by the Tarbela dam, situated in the Swabi and Haripur districts. The image displayed is a result of L2D PRISMA data obtained in October 2021. The dam has been in operation for over 40 years, controlling water resources in a region that is vulnerable to fluctuations in monsoonal flow. The reservoir is supplemented by the melting of Himalayan snow, and the dam has been generating hydroelectric power since the 1990s. There are plans to increase its power generation capacity in the future. F. Serva and L. Ansalone generated the data/information under an ASI License to Use, utilizing the original PRISMA Product – © ASI – (2021). The full frame image can be downloaded in jpg format.