We are happy to announce that Space Inventor has signed a contract with ESA Pioneer Programme! The 6U satellite will be launched Q1 2023 at the latest, containing our newly developed Laser communication system as well as our flexible solar panel, which allows several meters of solar array to be deployed from a small satellite. This mission will serve both as an in-orbit demonstration as well as a payload hosting platform for paying customers.

“The Edison project is a great leap for Space Inventor. Being included in ESA’s Pioneer programme gives us a unique opportunity to prove that our high performance satellite platform is ready for high profile missions worthy of the space agencies.”

said Karl Kaas, CEO of Space Inventor

The satellite will operate in the Sun Synchronous Orbit and perform various complex maneuvers as well as test and verify the payloads on-board. Previous missions have flight-proven the majority of our range of satellite avionics and we confidently take on the task of streamlining the delivery and documentation processes required by the space agencies.

The new mission and payload operations software provides the customers with access to the data of the payload automatically. Additionally, the software lets the customers allocate time slots for their own payload operations allowing for secure and efficient scheduling in order to optimize utilization.

The satellite payload capacity is equivalent to 3 CubeSat units and can host any number of payloads which can be accommodated within that volume.

About Space Inventor

Space Inventor is a satellite engineering company set up by a team of some of the most experienced nano-satellite engineers and entrepreneurs in the industry on the belief that nano-satellites needed to take a big leap towards greater reliability and greater responsibility in relation to the customers and stakeholders who put their trust in the space-worthiness of the systems.

To service the market, Space Inventor offers a series of standard avionics products within power, on-board computers, radio communication, and ADCS systems and also fully integrated satellite missions. Furthermore, we understand the need for tailoring and customising the individual missions, hence we also provide engineering services for custom development and mission design.

Courtesy of Space Inventor