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Sydney, Australia (SPX) Jan 22, 2024
In a significant advancement for China's burgeoning space sector, the Zhuque-3 reusable rocket has successfully completed its first vertical return technology test at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. This achievement marks a crucial step forward for the maiden flight of the country's first stainless steel liquid carrier rocket, heralding a new era of cost-efficient and environmentally consci
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Jan 11, 2024
China is set to make space exploration history with its upcoming Chang'e 6 mission, which aims to be the first to collect samples from the far side of the moon. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has announced that the Chang'e 6 spacecraft is scheduled to land on the lunar surface in the first half of this year, marking a new milestone in lunar research. Components of the Chang
Beijing (AFP) Jan 9, 2024
China on Tuesday successfully launched a satellite, state broadcaster CCTV said. "At 3:03 pm Beijing time on January 9, 2024, China successfully launched the Einstein Probe satellite," CCTV reported. The launch triggered immediate concern in Taiwan, where authorities issued emergency phone alerts, warning the public to "please beware of your safety". The Einstein Probe set off from t

Sydney, Australia (SPX) Nov 21, 2023
In a significant advancement in its space capabilities, China has successfully launched the HY-3A, a new-generation ocean observation satellite. The launch, which took place on Thursday, marks China's 53rd rocket launch this year, underscoring the country's accelerated pace in space endeavors. The HY-3A satellite was lofted into space atop a Long March 2C carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Sa

Sydney, Australia (SPX) Nov 06, 2023
In a significant step for China's burgeoning commercial space sector, a new reusable rocket has achieved a critical flight test milestone, performing a vertical take-off and landing sequence with precision. The SQX-2Y rocket, developed by Beijing-based i-Space, executed the maneuver flawlessly, signaling China's advancing capabilities in an area dominated by select space-faring entities. O
Jiuquan (XNA) Oct 20, 2023
The combination of the Shenzhou-17 crewed spaceship and a Long March-2F carrier rocket was transferred to the launching area on Thursday, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) said. According to the CMSA, the facilities and equipment at the launch site are in good condition, and various pre-launch function checks and joint tests will be carried out as planned. The spaceship will be launched
Beijing (XNA) Sep 04, 2023
China has published artist's renderings of the country's lunar landing module and its next-generation crew spacecraft, both of which will be central to the nation's grand goal of sending astronauts to the moon. According to the renderings and their descriptions published by the China Manned Space Agency on Thursday, the lunar landing module will have two parts - a landing section and a pro
Beijing (XNA) Jul 21, 2023
China is currently developing a new carrier rocket and manned spacecraft as part of its goal to land astronauts on the moon by 2030, the country's space experts said. The new carrier rocket Long March-10 is mainly developed for the purpose of sending spacecraft and moon lander into the Earth-moon transfer orbit, said Rong Yi, a rocket expert with the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technol
Wuhan (XNA) Jul 13, 2023
The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) has announced the official start to the construction of an ultra-low orbit satellite constellation. The CASIC made the announcement at the opening of the 9th China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum, which kicked off on Wednesday in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province. The CASIC said the first satellite of
Beijing, China (SPX) Jul 03, 2023
The Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), in partnership with the Changguang Satellite Technology, successfully conducted a satellite-to-ground laser communication experiment at a speed of 10 gigabyte per second (GB/s) using self-developed 500-millimeter-diameter ground system and Jilin-1 satellite. The experiment obtained good-quality