Eutelsat OneWeb and Paratus South Africa Collaborate to Boost Satellite Connectivity in South Africa

Eutelsat Group, a player in the satellite communications industry, has announced a significant partnership with Paratus South Africa to enhance satellite connectivity in South Africa. This collaboration aims to expand Paratus South Africa’s connectivity offerings by integrating Eutelsat OneWeb’s services.

Paratus South Africa, which has a history of providing Geostationary (GEO) satellite services in partnership with Eutelsat Group, will now broaden its reach with the introduction of a combined GEO/LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite offering. This new offering targets businesses in remote areas of South Africa, including sectors such as retail, banking, mining, agriculture, and tourism.

The integration of Eutelsat OneWeb services into Paratus’s core fibre network, spanning over 20,000 kilometers across Sub-Saharan Africa, is expected to deliver high-capacity connectivity solutions. This integration will be a game-changer for customers in need of robust and reliable internet services.

Kallie Carlsen, Managing Director of Paratus South Africa, emphasized the significance of this advancement, stating that introducing the Eutelsat OneWeb LEO service is a momentous step for the telecommunications industry in South Africa. Carlsen believes that this partnership has the potential to transcend geographical boundaries and open new avenues for growth and opportunity.

Cyril Dujardin, co-General Manager of Eutelsat OneWeb, also highlighted the collaboration’s potential. Dujardin emphasized the adaptability and scalability of the Eutelsat OneWeb system, noting its suitability for addressing the unique challenges of the African continent. He expressed the commitment to serving various sectors and setting new standards in communications excellence in South Africa.

As part of its global deployment strategy, Eutelsat OneWeb has activated its Satellite Network Portals (SNP) in South Africa and Mauritius. The expansion will continue with additional ground station sites in Ghana and Angola, further strengthening network services and capacity across the region. Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO enterprise solutions complement Eutelsat Group’s existing commitment to the region, where its GEO High Throughput Satellite (HTS) KONNECT is already providing high-capacity broadband services. A dedicated South African gateway for KONNECT is also in the works, promising further enhancements in the near future.