Atheras Analytics’ AI-Technology Chosen to Develop Satellite Constellation Software for ESA

Paris-based Atheras Analytics SAS has been awarded a 12 -month by ESA to develop Ground Segment Dimensioning Tool for NGSO Satellite Constellation Validation. The software consists of one or more satellite networks in potentially different orbits with inter-satellite link (ISL) capabilities. The agreement will see Ka and Q/V-band ground segment innovator supply its AI-based technology to assess ground network designs for governmental LEO and MEO constellations.

The tool will feature the capability to provide ground segment trade-off analyses, performance evaluation and different concepts of operation for a wide range of satellite multi-orbit constellations.

Demand for higher satcom throughput and performance is a trend that is evident across every ESA member state. Satellite technology is used extensively to connect governmental organisations with their citizens and to facilitate military and defence capabilities.

Satellites in LEO and MEO orbits have become operational, and further deployments are set to increase at a rapid rate in the coming months and years delivering affordable, low latency, high performance capabilities. Atheras Analytics’ AI-based tools will help facilitate validation of ground segment designs for governmental use.

Daniel Pantelis Arapoglou, Telecommunications System Engineer, European Space Agency said:

“Atheras Analytics’ technology was selected due to its ability to ensure a highly consistent service across satellite networks. The software tools, that will be developed specifically for our needs, will enable us to evaluate the performance of design submissions, which will be essential for the development of mission critical connectivity for our Member States.”

James Youdale, President, Atheras Analytics SAS adds:

“This is a true milestone for the company and recognition of the true capability of our technology. The reliability of satellite connectivity is integral to constellation success. Our technology will be pivotal for the development of NGSO networks by determining the viability of certain network designs and their performance. We look forward to working with ESA and its partners,”

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