D-Orbit E TelePIX Announce Contract for the In-Orbit Testing of Tetraplex

D-Orbit, a space logistic company, announces the signing of two launch service contracts with TelePIX, a South Korean space startup.

Under the terms of the contracts, TelePIX will leverage D-Orbit’s expertise to launch and test its On-Board Processor (OBP), Tetraplex, in orbit. Tetraplex, designed for enhanced on-board processing capabilities, will undergo in-orbit demonstration, validating its performance and reliability in the space environment.

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Matteo Lorenzoni, Head of Sales at D-Orbit, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating,

“We are excited to support TelePIX in their mission to advance on-board processing capabilities. This collaboration not only highlights the strengths of both companies but also reflects our shared vision for the future of space exploration.”

The comprehensive launch service contracts encompass technical guidance for launch requirements, transportation, and integration of Tetraplex into D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier for both missions. D-Orbit will oversee the launch of Tetraplex into the target orbit, coupled with in-orbit demonstration services.

Tetraplex’s edge computing capabilities aim at reducing data latency in satellite operations. Traditionally, all collected data is transmitted to the ground for processing, a time-consuming process. Tetraplex’s capabilities will minimize data transmission, markedly improving latency and contributing to more efficient satellite operations.

These missions might be the first step of a long-term collaboration between TelePIX and DOrbit, as both companies are already engaged in discussions for an additional launch service contract.