Arrow Science and Technology to Offer Launch Slots on Proven Launch and Orbital Transfer Vehicles via Launch.ctrl Marketplace by Precious Payload

Precious Payload is delighted to announce the addition of Arrow Science and Technology to its Launch.ctrl marketplace for satellite launches. The satellite integrator, renowned for its extensive space mission heritage, offers highly demanded, rare launch slots on established rockets—both U.S. and international—that have proven flight records, such as Falcon 9, PSLV, Electron, Firefly Alpha, and more.

Arrow Science and Technology offers end-to-end integration and satellite launch services, tailored to suit any mission profile. Arrow is a well-established, privately-held Native American-owned small business that provides continuity and reliability for its partners and clients.

“In an era when many launch providers and satellite integrators opt for venture capital and SPAC funding and are grappling with challenges, Arrow stands as a bastion of proven expertise and stable business operations”

says Andrew Maximov, CEO and founder of Precious Payload.

“It’s a game-changer in terms of costs, ease, and reliability.”

The Arrow Science and Technology team has a storied heritage in key space missions, including SpaceX Rideshare, ISS Resupply Missions, and a host of other commercial, governmental, and military endeavors.

Jim Baker, founder and president of Arrow Science and Technology, adds,

“Incorporating modern efficiencies into traditional payload integration models is central to our approach. This partnership with Precious Payload ensures that our clients receive not just a launch slot, but a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective satellite mission solution.”

In addition to providing launch solutions, Arrow’s in-house team furnishes comprehensive turnkey services that streamline every aspect of satellite missions—from mission design support, to flight support equipment development, to testing, integration, and licensing. They boast cutting-edge in-house testing and manufacturing facilities complete with computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, thermal vacuum chambers, and computer measurement machines (CMMs). The company opts to collaborate with flight-proven deployment system providers to ensure quality-driven, reliable, and cost-saving operations for all clients.