SCHOTT Introduces Aerospace Microelectronic Packages Prioritizing Weight Reduction

SCHOTT, a leading provider of materials and technologies, has launched lightweight microelectronic packages specifically designed for the aerospace industry. In today’s fast-paced commercial aerospace market, companies require materials that are both lightweight and durable enough to withstand harsh and demanding environments. SCHOTT’s new lightweight microelectronic packages meet this challenge by offering reliable and long-lasting protection for avionics while significantly reducing their weight by up to two-thirds compared to traditional electronic packaging made from kovar.

Aviation and space electronics have numerous mission-critical applications, including communications, navigation systems, and propulsion monitoring. SCHOTT’s lightweight microelectronic packages provide essential protection for sensitive electronics such as radio frequency designs, DC/DC converters, and sensor components.

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Georg Mittermeier, optoelectronics product manager at SCHOTT, expressed excitement about the increasing interest in hermetic packaging for aerospace applications. He emphasized the importance of weight reduction in aviation and space missions, stating that every gram counts. SCHOTT’s new lightweight packages offer the same level of reliable protection for avionics while significantly reducing weight.

Both aviation and space manufacturers face similar challenges, such as designing products that can withstand harsh environments and reducing overall costs associated with weight. The lightweight microelectronic packages from SCHOTT address these challenges by providing superior robustness and reliable protection for electronics, while also offering the cost-saving advantages of their lightweight construction.

In addition to their lightweight design, these microelectronic packages are also capable of functioning reliably in extreme temperature changes and mechanical stresses. This special protection ensures that electronic equipment remains operational even in challenging conditions.

SCHOTT’s new lightweight microelectronic packages are expected to have a significant impact on the aerospace industry by providing a solution that combines durability, reliability, and weight reduction. By offering reliable protection for avionics with reduced weight, these packages contribute to lower costs and improved efficiency in aviation and space missions.