SKY-IC-RHLCL is up and running – SkyLabs

SKY-IC-RHLCL is up and running - SkyLabs

Great success of SkyLabs’ microelectronics development team! Eight months since the design tape-out, SkyLabs’ received 50 prototypes of its first ASIC: Intelligent Latch-Up Current Limiter – SKY-IC-RHLCL – designed to protect COTS components against catastrophic single event effects in harsh Space environment.

The complex mixed-signal ASIC has been designed and manufactured in state-of-the art 180nm BCD-on-SOI semiconductor process with peculiar measures to assure robustness and radiation hardness of analog modules, and fault tolerance of digital subsystem.

The first ASIC prototypes are packed into CLCC68 package in order to allow us full functional and electrical testing as well as radiation characterizations. Commercially available System-in-Package ASIC will, however, be packed in a compact QFN32 package.

SKY-IC-RHLCL has been fully designed and pre-silicon verified at SkyLabs in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor. It is a result of endless dedication, innovation and teamwork. The activity was funded by ESA.

If you would like to see ASIC in live demo, come and see us at RADECS, happening between 25th and 29th of September in Toulouse, France!