Kinéis Successfully Launches First Five Satellites, Commences Deployment of IoT Constellation

On June 20, 2024, at precisely 8:13 PM CEST, Kinéis achieved a pivotal milestone with the successful launch of the first five nanosatellites in its pioneering Internet of Things (IoT) constellation. This momentous event marks the commencement of the deployment of a groundbreaking 25-nanosatellite network designed to facilitate global connectivity, including the most remote regions, enabling near real-time data transmission for crucial decision-making.

The successful deployment was conducted aboard Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle from New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula. This first launch represents the beginning of an ambitious project to provide comprehensive IoT connectivity by 2025. Kinéis’ CEO, Alexandre Tisserant, expressed his enthusiasm following the launch, stating:

“Kinéis is proud of the success of Electron’s 50th flight. The delicate phase of separating our 5 nanosatellites from the launcher went very smoothly. Our teams are now working to place them in their respective orbits. These first 5 satellites of the constellation mark the beginning of the IoT revolution driven by Kinéis connectivity and pave the way for the launch of full commercial services. Stay tuned for the second launch later this year, and congratulations to the teams.”

Kinéis IoT Constellation: Revolutionizing Global Connectivity

Kinéis, a leading satellite operator and IoT connectivity provider, is deploying the first European constellation dedicated to IoT applications. The full constellation, comprising 25 nanosatellites, will enable any object to connect and transmit data from any point on the globe. This innovative project comes just four years after Kinéis raised a historic €100 million in funding, underscoring the rapid advancement of its mission.

Kinéis clean room during mass-production of the 25 satellites. Credit: Kinéis

The primary objective of the Kinéis IoT constellation is to bridge connectivity gaps worldwide, especially in remote and challenging environments. By delivering near real-time data, the constellation will support a variety of critical applications, including:

  • Prevention of Natural Disasters: Early detection of forest fires, floods, droughts, and pollution.
  • Agricultural Monitoring: Enhancing traceability and management of wild and farmed animals.
  • Infrastructure Surveillance: Monitoring energy networks and critical infrastructure.
  • Logistics and Transportation: Improving the efficiency of transport networks and commercial maritime activities.

Peter Beck, Rocket Lab’s founder and CEO, shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying:

“We’re excited to launch Kinéis on the first of five dedicated Electron launches. Electron is perfectly suited to deploying constellations as we can deliver spacecraft to multiple orbital planes across multiple missions, and we’re proud to make this possible for the team at Kinéis.”

Strategic Deployment and Future Plans

The deployment strategy involves five launches, each placing five nanosatellites into specific orbital planes. This phased approach ensures optimal positioning for global coverage and reliable service delivery. The remaining launches are scheduled to occur between June 2024 and early 2025, maintaining a rigorous timeline to achieve full operational capability.

Rocket Lab’s Electron, known for its precision and reliability, was chosen for its ability to meet Kinéis’ stringent requirements for the constellation’s deployment. This first launch not only marks Electron’s 50th flight but also solidifies its role as a key enabler of Kinéis’ ambitious IoT project.

The launch phase and the ongoing operations underscore Kinéis’ leadership in the IoT sector. The successful separation and initial orbit insertion of the first five satellites set a precedent for the upcoming launches, with the next scheduled later this year.

Kinéis’ Commitment to Innovation and Connectivity

Kinéis is at the forefront of the IoT revolution, providing cutting-edge satellite connectivity solutions for a global market. With subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, and Singapore, Kinéis is well-positioned to address diverse market needs and contribute significantly to sectors such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, infrastructure management, and maritime activities.

By harnessing the power of space-based IoT connectivity, Kinéis aims to transform how data is collected and used, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency across various domains. The successful launch of the initial satellites marks a crucial step towards realizing this vision, bringing reliable connectivity to even the most inaccessible areas of the world.

About Kinéis

Kinéis, founded in 2019, is a satellite operator dedicated to providing innovative IoT connectivity solutions. With its cutting-edge nanosatellite constellation, Kinéis is committed to revolutionizing global connectivity and enabling real-time data transmission for critical applications.

For more information and updates on Kinéis’ mission and future launches, please visit Kinéis’ Official Website.