Freedom Space Gains Traction with Government Customers: Securing Jobs, Satellite Services, and Space Access Anytime, Anywhere

Freedom Space Gains Traction with Government Customers: Securing Jobs, Satellite Services, and Space Access Anytime, Anywhere

Traverse City, Michigan – September 6th, 2023 – Freedom Space Technologies™ (DBA Freedom Space), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ATLAS Space Operations headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan, is gaining momentum across a number of entities in the government sector of the space industry following its establishment earlier this year. 

Due to the growing government’s stated need to take advantage of commercial space capabilities, Freedom Space is purpose-built in Colorado Springs to support the unique requirements of the United States Department of Defense and the National Security Space organizations. By providing innovative and reliable ground-based satellite communications services along with several strategic hires in Michigan and Colorado, Freedom Space will play a vital role in enabling government entities to achieve their strategic objectives and ensure mission success. 

Leveraging the heritage of ATLAS Space Operations’ Freedom™ software and its federated global ground network, Freedom Space’s mission areas are expansive yet specialized and include:

  • Space Domain Awareness 
  • Commercial Augmentation and Resiliency 
  • Space Test Network Support 
  • Space Support Operations and Engineering Services 

In addition to the U.S. Space Command and Space Force, these offerings will support the mission needs of the following: 

  • Space Rapid Capabilities Office (SpRCO)
  • Space and Missile Defense Command
  • Special Operations Command
  • Air Force Research Lab 

“Freedom Space’s establishment signifies ATLAS’s commitment to providing focused, agile solutions that cater to the specific needs of satellite operators in the evolving space landscape,” shares Freedom Space President, T.I. Weintraub. “While ATLAS continues its broader objectives, Freedom Space hones in on a more targeted scope of work that directly supports the mission needs of government customers.”

“Freedom Space isn’t just an extension of ATLAS Space Operations. It is a catalyst for growth to support key government space initiatives,” states ATLAS Space Operations Chief Executive Officer, John Williams. “With focus on targeted missions, Freedom Space enables ATLAS to diversify its offerings further into the government sector. In doing so, this reaffirms ATLAS’s position as a leading provider of space technology and creates long-term growth for the entire ATLAS organization.”

With the launch of Freedom Space, ATLAS continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering world-class mission assurance and its position as the trusted partner for offering resilient space communications. ATLAS appreciates the continued support from its investment partners such as Mitsui, Rise of the Rest, VCapital plus Michigan-based investment firms including Beringea, Boomerang Catapult, Michigan Capital Network, Northern Michigan Angels, and Wakestream Ventures. As ATLAS and Freedom Space continue their ambitious trajectory, they remain committed to unlocking unparalleled value for all stakeholders involved. 

About Freedom Space

Established in 2023, Freedom Space is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ATLAS Space Operations, the leading Ground Software as a Service™ (GSaaS) provider that provides Secured Space Access Anytime, Anywhere™. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, Freedom Space is purpose-built to address the unique requirements, including classified missions, of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) by contributing to the advancement of National Security Space capabilities. As a trusted mission partner, Freedom Space plays a vital role in enabling these organizations to achieve their strategic objectives and to ensure continued mission success.

About ATLAS Space Operations

ATLAS Space Operations is the leading provider of Ground Software as a Service™ in the space communications industry. ATLAS’ revolutionary Freedom™ software has been recognized by industry leading publications and organizations such as Via Satellite and the World Teleport Association. Additionally, ATLAS was highlighted in the CIO Review: Telecom Edition as Company of the Year (2023) as well as one of the 10 Most Promising Technologies. Lastly, Aerospace & Defense Review acknowledged ATLAS as one of the Top Satellite Solutions Providers. ATLAS combines the Freedom™ Software Platform and its global federated antenna network to achieve its mission of securing space access anytime, anywhere. To learn more, visit

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