Thales Secures Cyber and Ground Tech Contracts for Galileo Second Generation

Thales Alenia Space has secured new contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the ground mission segment and system engineering activities of Galileo Second Generation (GSG). The contracts are valued at 300 million euros ($333 million). Additionally, Thales has been awarded two contracts for cybersecurity, worth over 60 million euros ($67 million).

©Thales Alenia Space

Thales is already the prime contractor for six out of the 12 satellites in the G2G constellation. These new contracts are in addition to their existing responsibilities.

According to Thales, the first version of the G2G ground mission system is set to be operational in time for the launch and early orbit phase of the first satellite. Thales will be responsible for providing navigation services to the Galileo satellites and delivering positioning, navigation, and timing to over 4 billion users worldwide.

Thales is leading a consortium to enhance the security monitoring capabilities of the G2G system. This includes automated incident response and network traffic monitoring. The company will also leverage its cryptography expertise to prepare the system for potential threats from quantum computers.

Pierre-Yves Jolivet, Vice President of Cyber Solutions for Thales, stated that these security contracts will strengthen Europe’s satellite positioning system and provide better protection against quantum threats. He also highlighted Thales’ big data expertise in delivering more effective security monitoring for the system.

Overall, these contracts mark significant advancements in Thales Alenia Space’s involvement in the Galileo Second Generation project and its commitment to ensuring the system’s security and functionality.