Breaking New Ground with AWS Ground Station

Integrate once, access everything.

Existing clients do not need to take additional steps beyond initial verification (licensing, frequency, etc.) since Freedom handles all hardware and software orchestration. In other words, the Freedom API stays exactly the same, but adds more options for downlinking your data. Clients can rely on ATLAS, with hundreds of thousands of successful passes across 41 different sites, to execute simply and reliably.

New clients can approach ATLAS with their satellite orbits and, with greater certainty, meet their latency requirements with quick onboarding and a single provider with access to a federated global network. By eliminating the need for high-cost technical teams, and the need to construct an antenna network, clients can focus on their resources and mission.

A single company is not likely to be able to build enough global coverage to meet the needs of Space 2.0. The future of satellite communications will require users to execute repeated integrations as the number of ground-side providers increases. Alternatively, ATLAS’ clients only integrate once and use our network as a conduit to access a global federated network of antennas. Hence, avoid further integrations as well as avoid added costs even as the network grows.

Are you ready to get to market faster, with lower complexity? Connect with our team today to employ our integration-friendly gateway, Freedom™, to receive access to a growing federated global network.

Courtesy of ATLAS Space Operations

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