PRISMA: ASI’s Advanced Tool for Extracting Fire Fuel Maps

PRISMA: ASI's Advanced Tool for Extracting Fire Fuel Maps

The Castelporziano Nature Reserve, located in the southern part of the coast of Latium near Rome, is a significant protected area spanning 5,892 hectares.

Utilizing a Machine Learning model, researchers analyzed the PRISMA image from June 27, 2021. By leveraging data from both the visible/near infrared and short wave infrared regions, they successfully extracted a fire fuel map for the reserve and its surrounding areas. The map was categorized based on Anderson’s fuel models.

This specific PRISMA image, covering an area of 30 km x 30 km, was processed as part of the ASI project “Sviluppo di Prodotti Iperspettrali Prototipali Evoluti.” The project’s primary objective is to prototype a subset of L3/L4 value-added products using hyperspectral data processing. One of the prototypes, known as the Fire Fuel Map, focuses on extracting fuel maps for vegetated regions.

The data and information used in this study were generated by e-GEOS and the School of Aerospace Engineering (UNIROMA1) under an ASI License to Use. The original PRISMA product is copyrighted by ASI (2021).

For the full frame image in jpg format, you can download it from this link: [Download](