Find a GRASSHOPPER on the picture! – C3S

Find a GRASSHOPPER on the picture! - C3S

There is no milestone our GRASSHOPPER wouldn’t leap. We proudly post that together with ESA and Thales Alenia Space we closed the GRASSHOPPER’s Design Review, so now, before jumping to TRL5, we can concentrate on the climate chamber measurement and thermal simulation validation of the Elegant BreadBoard. GRASSHOPPER is the abbreviation of “GaN-based Resonant Aerospace Switching-mode Supply for High Output Power with Promising Efficiency and Reliability”, which means a supply module that achieves higher efficiency with GaN FET components, thus later on, may satisfy the supply demand of large satellites. On the above figure you can see the PBB, and the situation is encouraging. According to PBB measurement and analysis results, the GRASSHOPPER is capable of delivering an efficiency of 93-96% on the full input voltage (100-150V) and temperature range (-10°C – +55°C), while supplying more than 400W (Max power: 750W), which is much higher than the achievable maximum with traditional MOSFET technology.