Africa Awards 2022 – Dragonfly Aerospace

Africa Awards 2022 - Dragonfly Aerospace

As a part of the South African entrepreneurial community, we have always supported and contributed to the development and permanent growth of the local economy, business, and quality of life. We indicated one of our company goals as improving the lives of people around the world, and we truly mean it. Thus, we are happy that Dragonfly Aerospace CEO, Bryan Dean, was included in the 2022 CEO Today Africa Awards!

The award is dedicated to recognizing innovative and renowned African leaders. Every year, the CEO Today Africa Awards bring together some of the continent’s most entrepreneurial business leaders to showcase their talent and contribution to shaping the economy and its business growth.

It is a great honor to be among such talented African innovators and leaders. Looking at the list of winners, there is no doubt that Africa has boundless potential for a sustainable, technological, and innovative future. From our side, we are glad to contribute to the space and technical sectors of the region.

Dragonfly Aerospace team has been a part of the space industry in South Africa since the country entered the space race and created the first satellite SUNSAT in 1999. Together with the African space community, the pioneers and the new actors, we are constantly moving forward the whole industry aiming at providing the best and most effective solutions, promoting the African space technologies, and increasing the credibility among foreign customers to the local products.  

However, it is not only the business that impacts the stable development of the African economy and wellbeing. Our space technology monitors the Earth in a wide range of spectrums giving unprecedented business intelligence that can be used in various areas. 

With our satellites and imagers, it is possible to monitor the crops and climate changes, weather extremes, water availability, and soil conditions that may affect the food supply. They also provide opportunities to collect and analyze data for wildlife monitoring, natural disaster management, and urban expansion. 

All these aspects influence people’s quality of life. Therefore, the information obtained with our technology is of significant importance and may be used by communication, logistic, risk assessment companies, and government agencies supporting the development of the African continent too.

The 2022 CEO Today Africa Awards has recognized experts from different spheres. Together with business actors and entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators, we are capable of creating the most advantageous conditions for Africa’s rapid economic and social growth.