AWTG, Lime Microsystems Announce LimeNET 5G SCAP Integration for Large-Scale Deployment – Lime Microsystems

AWTG, Lime Microsystems Announce LimeNET 5G SCAP Integration for Large-Scale Deployment - Lime Microsystems

London, UK: AWTG and Lime Microsystems today announce successful integration of the LimeNET 5G system with AWTG’s Service Correlation and Assurance Platform (SCAP) as an Operations Support System – making it ready for wide-scale deployment on consumer-facing networks.

Designed as a complete network-in-a-box solution for 5G cellular, and powered by Lime’s popular LMS7002M field-programmable radio frequency (FPRF) silicon and LimeSDR technology, the LimeNET 5G replaces highly proprietary solutions with a radically open architecture built on commodity hardware and software, as a means of democratising radio access network technology and ending the era of vendor lock-in.

AWTG’s SCAP is designed for efficient monitoring of network performance, configuration, faults, and alarms, correlating data to allow for rapid response to any network changes – planned or otherwise – so they can be managed before affecting subscriber service quality. SCAP also provides the capability of configuring network parameters with automated management for site assets.

By integrating LimeNET 5G into AWTG’s SCAP platform as an Operations Support System (OSS), those looking to deploy the technology and create Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) implementations can be assured of deployment-ready technology with the monitoring required for consumer-facing networks. Those still working on test-bed networks, meanwhile, can benefit from the data-gathering capabilities of SCAP to prove their concepts more thoroughly with reduced timescale.

“We at Lime Microsystems put democratisation of communications technology at the heart of our strategy, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the LimeNET 5G,” says Lime’s Chief Executive Ebrahim Bushehri. “Our partnership with AWTG on adding LimeNET 5G support to the SCAP platform proves that open Radio Access Networks, free from vendor lock-in could be managed with data-gathering capabilities in the real world deployments.”

“Completing the integration of the LimeNET 5G to AWTG’s SCAP platform enables operations engineers and network operators to easily manage and monitor performance of their Open RAN deployments,” adds Ian Vernon, Chief Operating Officer at AWTG. “Further to that, our implementation includes automation that simplifies network operations with a zero-touch approach.”

The integration comes as part of the Flex-5G Project, which seeks to design a fully end-to-end open RAN solution at least 50 per cent faster to deploy than comparable alternatives yet at a considerably lower cost. Selected as a winner of the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) Future RAN Competition (FRANC), Flex-5G offers a route to a fully-compliant Open RAN implementation based on software-defined radio (SDR) technology – as exemplified by Lime Micro’s LimeNET 5G network-in-a-box.

More information on LimeNET 5G is available on the Lime Micro product page.
More information on AWTG SCAP is available on the AWTG Product page.


Lime Microsystems specialises in field programmable RF (FPRF) transceivers, SDR platforms and ecosystem technology for the next generation of wireless broadband systems. These products offer an unprecedented level of configurability and allow system designers to create wireless communication networking equipment that can be set and reconfigured to run on any wireless communications frequency and mobile standard.


AWTG is an end-to-end engineering services and technology solutions provider operating in Telecommunications, Immersive Tourism, Smart Education, Smart Cities, Smart Retail and Shopping, Industry 4.0, Smart Health, New Media, Internet and other markets that employ digital technologies. In 2014, AWTG deployed the first 5G test bed in the UK – including the first developed 5G core network in the UK and the provisioning of software solutions, support and engagement as part of this.


Flex-5G is a complete 5G Stand-Alone (SA) network. Flex-5G’s Open RAN compliance and resulting provider diversification significantly benefits the public by bringing down prices, enhancing network deployment flexibility, improving equipment availability and scalability hence improving 5G deployments and their performances, efficiencies and reaches in the UK. Conversely, Flex-5G’s ability to combine network modules into a ‘network-in-a-box’ as one of its modes of instantiation, assists ‘private network’ scenarios that leverage the maximal performance capabilities of 5G around capacity, reliability, and low latency among others.