Lacuna Space Opens Pre-Orders to IoT Solutions Providers

Lacuna Space Opens Pre-Orders to IoT Solutions Providers

Oxford, UK — 30th June 2022 — Lacuna Space, the leading satellite IoT connectivity provider, is taking pre-orders for its global satellite IoT connectivity service with early adopter discounts available to LoRa Alliance ecosystem of solutions providers.

Lacuna Space has been the trailblazer with five-years R&D and technology trials to prove the ability for low power LoRa devices to connect direct-to-satellite and optimise the technology for mass scalability. The LEO/MEO constellation is live now in beta stage and routing data to multiple LNS platforms via roaming hubs and packet broker interfaces. Based on the success of the LS200 prototype device, Lacuna is now CE & FCC certifying the LS300 (sensor device & relay) to provide early adopters with a known-good evaluation tool for trials, and a certified reference on which to develop their own devices and solutions.

Lacuna’s ideal customers are the thousands of expert solutions providers active within the LoRa ecosystem. While these solution providers are ready to deploy proven solutions tailored to their own target markets’ demands, they are often hampered by lack of public terrestrial network coverage, or where a low density of end-devices makes deploying a private terrestrial network uneconomical. By adopting Lacuna’s satellite antenna and almanac software library into their existing LoRaWAN devices, they can be guaranteed coverage anywhere under the sky, thus dramatically expanding their available market reach. Devices use the same radio chips as existing LoRaWAN devices and so are able to roam seamlessly between satellite and terrestrial coverage where it exists.

YOUR data relayed from YOUR devices to YOUR platform where you hold YOUR keys, with no vendor-lock-in.

Early adopter packages comprise of discounted data connectivity bundles at 1p/packet(=50 byte payload), which may be resold to end-users, LS300 devices for service evaluation, and consultancy support to ensure successful adoption of Lacuna technology into the solution providers own devices and platforms.

While the service is global by its nature, Lacuna’s initial focus will be LATAM and MENA regions targeting agriculture, maritime, logistics, remote infrastructure including utilities: water, electricity, oil & gas, plus renewables and environmental monitoring.

For more information come visit us on stand #11 at LoRaWAN World Expo in Paris 6-7th of July 2022 and see the Lacuna system at the demo pods on 7th July.

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About Lacuna Space
Lacuna Space, a UK and Dutch entity, headquartered in Oxford UK, is recognised as the leader in scalable direct-to-satellite IoT solutions based on the open and interoperable LoRaWAN® standard. The Lacuna Network enables multiple constellations of Lacuna and third-party satellites to meld together, forming the most robust and field-proven IoT service for our customers. Operating a wholesale model, Lacuna empowers service providers and systems integrators to extend the limited coverage footprint of LoRaWAN® networks around the globe with ubiquitous low-power, low-cost connectivity