TAI Adds New University Showcase Story: York University’s EDMcubed

TAI Adds New University Showcase Story: York University's EDMcubed

TAI just added our latest University Showcase Story: “York University’s EDM3 Collaboration – Electron Electric Dipole Moment Experiments.”

Grad Student Neil McCall worked with TAI staff to develop the Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS®) used to provide their instruments with the cooling and vibration isolation that is critical for the operation of their experiments studying electrons and measuring EDM.

Background: The Standard Model of particle physics is the most accurate mathematical description of reality ever constructed. However, it is still incomplete, leaving topics like dark matter or certain aspects of the Big Bang unexplained. To account for these unexplained phenomena, various standard model ‘extensions’ have been formulated that propose the existence of new forces of nature manifested by as-yet undiscovered particles. Predictions of new particles have historically been tested with multi-billion-dollar particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider (or ‘LHC’), currently the largest machine on the face of the Earth. However, the LHC has not yet observed any fundamental particles other than those described by the current form of the SM. 

Hope may lie in the prediction that electrons possess an uneven distribution of charge, the degree of unevenness being quantified by a number called the electric dipole moment (or ‘EDM’). Since each standard model extension predicts a different range of possible values for the electron’s EDM, measuring this quantity could verify a standard model extension – the holy grail of modern physics – and transform humanity’s understanding of the universe…

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TAI is proud to be a (very small) part of this important work, and want to thank York University and Neil McCall for working with us!  We are always happy to provide thermal straps for university programs like York’s, at heavily discounted prices, in addition to our complimentary design and consultation services.

To learn more about the EDMcubed Collaboration, click here now, and contact TAI if your university physics or aerospace engineering department would like to take part in our University Showcase Program.