Collaboration agreement with SkyLabs

Collaboration agreement with SkyLabs

Deimos’ new Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) product will incorporate SkyLabs technology

The AOCS is being developed in the frame of ESA’s Incubed programme for the commercial market and for Deimos’ new platform for Earth Observation sat4EO

February 24th, 2022 – Deimos and SkyLabs have signed an agreement to use SkyLabs’ On-Board Computer (OBC) and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) in DEIMOS’ standalone AOCS product for small satellites.

Deimos is developing a modular AOCS product for small satellites to address the need for the rapid procurement of agile and high stability attitude control systems for these types of platforms. Particularly suited for LEO and Earth Observation missions, the Deimos AOCS product is now being offered commercially, with qualification to be achieved in 2022. The product is also used in Deimos’ own mini and microsat platforms.

As part of the supplier network for this modular product, Deimos has selected SkyLabs, the innovative Slovenian company of miniaturized on-board data handling solutions for Space, as the provider of the OBC and RTU for the AOCS, through its NANOhpm-OBC and picoRTU products. These are two critical elements of the AOCS, that underpin the capability of the AOCS to be configurable and customised to a wide variety of small satellite missions and a range of actuator and sensor solutions.

The AOCS is being developed in the frame of Deimos-led sat4EOCE ESA Incubed project, with the partnership of ESA and the support of the Spanish, UK and Romanian delegations. sat4EO will be the next Deimos very high-performance, low-cost Earth Observation minisat, following the success of the commercial Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 missions.

As part of this agreement, DEIMOS has also selected SkyLabs as a preferred provider of OBCs for its microsat platforms.

Following the qualification of the AOCS product and its commercialisation in 2022, DEIMOS plans extensions to the AOCS product, to serve the MEO/GEO market and the cubesat market.

Dr. Murray Kerr, DEIMOS’ head of Flight Engineering and responsible for the SAT4EOCE project, says: ‘Our AOCS product is highly innovative, in both its provision of very high pointing stability and agility, and its low-price point. SkyLabs is just the partner we need to make our AOCS both modular and reliable. We hope to build a strong and enduring cooperation with SkyLabs in the commercial market.’

Dejan Gačnik, CTO of SkyLabs and responsible for overall cooperation with DEIMOS, says: “This cooperation agreement proves once again that SkyLabs is providing the leading-edge satellite solutions for the small satellites market, and thus enabling our customers to build innovative, dependable and cost-efficient systems. SkyLabs is going to supply DEIMOS picoRTU and NANOhpm-obc as critical equipments of the their highly innovative and modular AOCS. Both critical elements have been developed jointly under ESA General Support and Technology Programme, as the results of systematically well identified market needs years ago and condensate knowhow resulting from several R&D activities.”

‘Cooperation with DEIMOS is another important milestone for SkyLabs, as we have been recognised as trustworthy supplier also in the domain of small-scale satellites. I am confident that this is just a beginning of our important and strategic cooperation with DEIMOS in the segment of small satellites and even beyond.”, says Dr. Tomaž Rotovnik, CEO of SkyLabs.

‘This new DEIMOS commercial AOCS product is the result of a significant internal investment and the key support of ESA and our delegations’, says Simone Centuori, Deimos Flight Systems Director. ‘This is part of DEIMOS’ move to offer commercial products from the wealth of proven space solutions available from DEIMOS’ 20 years of reliable operations in the space sector. Partnering with SkyLabs is consistent with our commercial approach to reach agreements with key clients, partners and providers.’

About Elecnor Deimos

Elecnor Deimos is a European technology group founded in 2001, with about 500 staff, headquartered in Spain with subsidiaries in five countries. The group operates in space, transports, aeronautics and maritime sectors, and also designs and implements digital transformation processes.

Elecnor Deimos has developed multiple space technologies and tools stemming from more than 500 contracts with ESA, NASA and other agencies. In addition to engineering work, the company has developed and provides operational space and ground infrastructure services for tracking and receiving satellite data and for its DEIMOS Sky Survey Center.

Deimos provides end-to-end services for space systems also following the New Space philosophy, covering small satellite design and integration, micro-launcher subsystem development and operations, earth observation satellite operations, data provision and end-user applications and services.


 About SkyLabs

SkyLabs is a European space-technology oriented company providing miniaturized satellite platform solutions and innovative approach to space engineering, established in 2015 as a common interest of professional team of experts and scientists.

SkyLabs is primarily focusing onto high-tech tailor-made solution development, including fault tolerant hardware and software development, digital signal processing, radiation hardened by design IP/ASIC development, and space/ground segment communication. SkyLabs’s mission is to provide to market new innovative solutions for nano and micro scale satellite industry by technology miniaturization.

SkyLabs products meet the required standards to ensure the robust and long-lasting operation of satellites, while encrypted communication systems provide secure communication. Fault tolerant systems and subsystems ensure smooth operation in hazardous and unfriendly space environment.

Simone Centuori, Deimos Flight Systems Director, and Dr. Tomaž Rotovnik, CEO of SkyLabs, signing the agreement