SteamJet selected by MBRSC for its first PHI-Demo mission – SteamJet Space Systems

SteamJet selected by MBRSC for its first PHI-Demo mission – SteamJet Space Systems

Photo Source: MBRSC,

In January, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) announced the development of the PHI-Demo mission under the Payload Hosting Initiative. The Initiative aims at providing an effective satellite platform that can host payloads for multiple purposes. The project includes a 12U modular satellite platform that is going to be designed in partnership with OQ Technology and SteamJet Space Systems. Thanks to this program, the UAE intends to strengthen its position in space innovations.

Together with an innovative IoT communication payload, PHI-Demo’s main goal will be to test SteamJet’s environmentally friendly propulsion subsystem, the Steam Thruster One. The Steam Thruster One is a flexible water-powered resistojet able to provide a high thrust, tens of times more than electric propulsion, by using at the same time very low power consumption. Another major benefit of the Steam Thruster One is the possibility to customize its water tanks size and shape to meet the mission requirements, improving also the subsystem final integration into the spacecraft.

The mission launch date is scheduled for Q4 2022. The Director-General of the MBRSC, His Excellency Salem Humaid AlMarri, said that this collaboration gave more opportunities for countries and entities to deploy and operate their own satellites in space. In addition to that, it would contribute to the advancement of satellite-related technologies.

According to the Head of Payload Hosting Initiative of the MBRSC, Zakaria Al Shamsi, the space sector’s future relies on possibilities for cooperation. And the Payload Hosting Initiative means a strategic step for the space sector.

Marco Pavan, CEO of SteamJet Space Systems expressed his appreciation to have been selected for the first PHI mission. He sees the partnership with MBRSC as an essential step towards a greener and safer approach to propulsion in the small satellite industry.

Last year Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) announced the Payload Hosting Initiative (“PHI”) and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for satellite payload hosting. The program starts in 2022 and plans to hold two satellite missions annually.

More technical information about the Steam Thruster One can be found here.