Phantom Space to Build and Launch 72 Satellite Constellation for Ingenu

Phantom Space Corporation, a space transportation technology development and manufacturing company, today announced that they signed an agreement with Ingenu, provider of one of the leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology platforms.

The agreement includes the production, manufacturing and launch of a 72 satellite constellation (AFNIO™) that Ingenu will be utilizing to host their RPMA® IIoT payloads. This will allow Ingenu to offer full end-to-end solutions anywhere on earth. AFNIO™ will focus initially on end-to-end solutions for Smart Grid, Smart Factory, Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Oil & Gas, Mining, Asset Tracking and Logistics. Phantom will be responsible for developing the spacecraft buses, system integration and launch of all 72 spacecraft.  The majority of the satellites are expected to launch on Phantom’s Daytona launch vehicle set to first launch in 2023.

Ingenu developed and owns a long-range, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology for the Internet of Things. Utilizing its award-winning Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA®) technology, it has been deployed in more than 50 terrestrial networks over the past ten years, on 5 continents.  Ingenu will bring its technology and expertise to develop the world’s largest space IIoT network dedicated to connectivity for machines. Operating on universal unlicensed spectrum, the company’s RPMA® technology is a proven standard for connecting IIoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) sensors around the world and this project will allow RPMA® enabled end point sensors the ability to communicate directly with the satellites, also known as the Low Power-Satellite to Sensor (LP-S2S), anywhere in the world.

“Ingenu prides themselves on turning disruptive innovation into practical application, and we’re excited to help them achieve this,”

says Jim Cantrell, Co-Founder & CEO of Phantom Space.

“We build satellites, launchers, and implement space technology applications because we want to lower the barriers to new commercial applications in space. By working with a company like Ingenu, we are partnering to deliver Ingenu’s value into a space platform where it can have a worldwide impact on their customers. This partnership brings both of us closer to our goal of providing the much-needed disruptive benefits of space technology directly to the consumer.”

Ingenu’s AFNIO™ Network will act as the world’s first space-based public network designed exclusively for M2M communications. It is designed and optimized for deeper and wider coverage, network longevity, and full-featured value. Ingenu’s AFNIO™ Satellite Constellation will have further reach, global range and longer lasting battery life than any existing network. It’s robust, best-in-class technology is also future-proof – enabling technology solution providers to maximize their product’s efficiency and longevity, with unparalleled control and visibility. Furthermore, it was designed from the ground up to meet the 100% data transmission acknowledgment required for each sensor, necessary for serious IIoT machine connectivity and solutions.

“We are excited to partner with Phantom because their cutting-edge technology and manufacturing methods enable us to move full steam ahead on this front in a rapid and cost-effective manner. We’ll be able to build and operate a system of satellites that makes it possible for us to offer people full end-to-end solutions anywhere on earth and complement existing customers’ terrestrial networks. Nothing of the sort has ever been done up until now,”

said Alvaro Gazzolo, CEO of Ingenu.

“The AFNIO™ Satellite Constellation will be complemented by the new RPMA® communications module, a System on a Chip (SoC), which will cut in half the cost of the legacy RPMA® communications module.  This will allow Ingenu and its partners to concentrate on solutions with minimal capital investment to customers and provide faster time to market, anywhere in the world.”

added Alvaro Gazzolo.


About Phantom Space
Phantom Space Corporation is a space technology and transportation company lowering space access barriers through mass manufacturing of launch vehicles, satellites, and space applications. Phantom’s vision is to become the “Henry Ford of Space Transportation” through the opportunity to mass manufacture or both rockets and satellites, aiming to launch 100s of rockets per year. A 100% US controlled and operated enterprise, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, with multiple launch operations centers. Founded by Jim Cantrell, Mike D’Angelo, and Michal Prywata.  Learn more at

About Ingenu, Inc.
Ingenu has developed the best IIoT connectivity platform in the market today. Operating on universal spectrum, the company’s RPMA® technology is a proven standard for connecting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices across the globe. Ingenu’s technology uniquely achieves the connectivity cost for many billions of devices, providing valuable intelligence for businesses. Information about Ingenu can be found at, or contact William Schmidt at


Courtesy of Phantom Space

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