Inspiration4 Crew Arrives in Florida, Targeting September 15 to Launch

Falcon 9 and Dragon in the hangar at Launch Complex 39A ahead of launching. Credits: SpaceX

After completing their final day of astronaut training at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California on Wednesday, September 8, the crew of Inspiration4 arrived in Florida on Thursday, September 9, landing at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center just before noon. Additionally, the Dragon spacecraft that the all-civilian crew will fly aboard was transported from its processing facility on Cape Canaveral Space Force Station to SpaceX’s hangar at Launch Complex 39A on Kennedy Space Center where it was mated with the Falcon 9 rocket ahead of an integrated static fire test targeted for this weekend and launch next week.

Dragon’s first all-civilian crew. Credits: SpaceX

After arrival, the teams from SpaceX and Inspiration4 also met yesterday evening for a follow-on flight readiness review and an initial weather briefing. After evaluating the readiness of the Falcon 9 rocket, Dragon spacecraft, associated ground systems, recovery assets and other key elements of SpaceX’s human spaceflight system, and the current weather forecasts of conditions at the launch site, along the ascent corridor, and at the landing locations off the coasts of Florida for a safe return of the crew a few days later, teams agreed to now target no earlier than 8:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, September 15 for liftoff. This will allow additional time for final preparations, vehicle checkouts and data reviews. SpaceX and Inspiration4 will narrow down the launch window to five hours approximately three days before liftoff.


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