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Los Angeles CA (SPX) Nov 03, 2023
NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland recently witnessed the vibrant blue glow of the Advanced Electric Propulsion System (AEPS) within its vacuum chamber during a critical phase of thruster qualification testing. This significant advancement in space technology reflects the culmination of efforts to create the most robust electric propulsion thruster to date. With a 12-kilowatt Hall thruste
In a groundbreaking discovery, astronomers have found a large planet, named Planet 8 Ursae Minoris b, orbiting a dying star against all odds. Situated approximately 530 light-years away, this star, in its red giant phase, should have expanded beyond...
NASA has extended its partnership with Planet, a satellite imaging company, by placing multiple orders totaling $18.5 million through 2024. This agreement is part of NASA's Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition (CSDA) program, which allows federally funded researchers and civilian...
Paris (ESA) Sep 22, 2023
Jupiter's moon Europa is one of a handful of worlds in our Solar System that could potentially harbour conditions suitable for life. Previous research has shown that beneath its water-ice crust lies a salty ocean of liquid water with a rocky seafloor. However, planetary scientists had not confirmed whether or not that ocean contained the chemicals needed for life, particularly carbon. Astr
Dugway, United States (AFP) Sept 24, 2023
A seven-year space voyage came to its climactic end Sunday when a NASA capsule landed in the desert in the US state of Utah, carrying to Earth the largest asteroid samples ever collected. Scientists have high hopes for the sample, saying it will provide a better understanding of the formation of our solar system and how Earth became habitable. "Touchdown of the Osiris-Rex sample return c
Washington DC (UPI) Sep 12, 2023
NASA has approved a four-person crew for the third Axiom mission, which is intended to launch no sooner than January 2024. "Axiom Space's chief astronaut and former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria will command the private mission. Italian Air Force Col. Walter Villadei will serve as pilot. The two mission specialists are Alper Gezeravci of Turkey and ESA (European Space Agency) pro
Paris (ESA) Sep 05, 2023
The X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (XRISM) is ready to launch on 7 September 2023 to observe the most energetic objects and events in the cosmos. In doing so, it will unveil the evolution of the Universe and the structure of spacetime. XRISM is a collaboration between the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and NASA, with significant participation from ESA. The launch will be
ICEYE US, a leader in persistent monitoring of Earth with radar imaging satellites, received its first Task Order under a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with NASA announced earlier this year.  The Task Order enables NASA to acquire ICEYE’s synthetic-aperture...
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Aug 09, 2023
Rocket Lab USA, Inc. (Nasdaq: RKLB) has signed a new launch services agreement with a confidential customer for a HASTE (Hypersonic Accelerator Suborbital Test Electron) mission from Launch Complex 2 at Virginia's Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport within NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in 2024. The contract signing with a new customer came just days after Rocket Lab successfully launched the
Paris (AFP) Aug 2, 2023
Airbus and US space exploration firm Voyager Space announced Wednesday a joint venture to develop Starlab, a commercial alternative to replace the International Space Station (ISS) by the end of the decade. The US-led venture with footing in Germany, where a number of Airbus Defence and Space sites are located, will "reliably meet the known demand from global space agencies while opening ne