A Fireside Chat with Wei Shu from Zero-Error Systems

Would you characterise your solution software, hardware or a hybrid? Why is that?

ZES’s solutions include hardware, service and IP. The combination of the three provides the ‘turn-key’ solution for ZES’ customers to comprehensively enable their COTS-based satellite systems and/or satellite payloads into space.

What orbits are your products most focused on? Does your work include deep space or interplanetary missions? If so, what are the biggest obstacles you need to tackle?

ZES’ products are tested, qualified and hence applicable for all orbits including deep space and interplanetary missions. As ZES’ technology is based on Radiation Hardening By Design (RHBD), the biggest obstacle is the qualification of commercial foundry processes to space standard.

Which project are you most proud of? Why is it important?

It is ZES’s first product – Latchup Detection And Protection (LDAP). Unlike the conventional solution, ZES’s LDAP is able to uniquely detect the early signature of Single Event Latchup (SEL is the most critical radiation-induced hardware failure in space), hence adequately protect COTS from radiations.