Venture Orbital Systems and Comat partner on a CubeSats deployer

Venture Orbital Systems and Comat announced a partnership on a deployer for nanosats & CubeSats. This deployer will be used starting from 2024 on Zephyr, VOS’ nanolauncher. In the meantime, it will be provided to Astreos, a new subsidiary of Venture Orbital Systems offering launch brokering services to CubeSats & nanosats operators.

Comat is thrilled to set up this new Start-up/SME partnership with shared values. This partnership will focus on the development of an industrial product for the nanosats market”, said CEO Ludovic Daudois from Comat.

We are proud to sign this partnership with Comat, a historical French space company. This cooperation will ensure we have an innovative deployer based on proven expertise .” added CEO Stanislas Maximin from Venture Orbital Systems.

A deployer with a promising start

Comat has worked with CNES, the french space agency, to develop a flexible deployer for 3U to 12U CubeSats. A microgravity test campaign on Airbus ZERO-G proved the ejection sequence’s reliability. About a hundred jettisoning tests were conducted to analyze various satellite inertia configurations. These tests confirmed the ejection parameters and especially its velocity. Results exceeded expectations.