Lacuna Space starts operations of third satellite in orbit

And we have liftoff! On 9th November 2020 we announced that our latest launch was successful and we had made first contact with the satellite. Since then we have been working with our partners to test all spacecraft subsystems and are happy to report that everything works perfectly and have finished commissioning early this month.

This is an important milestone for us because with more and better satellites we can improve transmission cadence and expand our service for customers and technology partners. We are grateful for all the interest we have received and can’t wait to get our devices in the hands of as many as we can!

This mission is a bit different. Being equatorial it covers a zone between the 45th parallels north and south, stretching from South Europe all the way down to South Africa. Helping extend the reach of IoT networks in difficult to get places like the huge forests in South America and make sure that areas in Africa are not left behind the IoT revolution. With every generation of gateway we put into space, we also improve the sensitivity of LoRaWAN® message reception, improving on system capacity and simplicity in user devices.

While the new satellites are added to the network, we have been working with a first set of technology developers on compatible boards, antennas, custom devices and services!

The Things Conference – Jan 25-29 2021

Please join us online at The Things Conference from January 25-29 as we will reveal more about the satellites and the latest Lacuna compatible products. With all satellites working well in orbit, another two looking good for launch in the next months and a great set of technology partners, we are really looking forward to 2021!