Astri Polska delivered the electrical device for the scientific mission of European Space Agency (ESA), which aims to explore the Jupiter and its three icy-moons. The device will have a significant impact on the development of the mission, and it’s the most advanced product delivered by the company so far. In the forthcoming year, Astri Polska plans the further expansion on the European Space Market.

JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) is a scientific mission of European Space Agency, which aims to explore Jupiter and its three icy-moons. The probe will be launched in 2022. The device developed by Astri Polska will be connected to the probe making it possible to test its electronic systems before launching into space. It is an important phase of every space programme, due to the fact that after launching the spacecraft, no changes in its systems can be handled. For the JUICE mission, Astri Polska will deliver additional twin-device and digital test environment which will test the flight software of the probe.

The delivery of the device for the JUICE mission is an important event for Astri Polska. We are pleased that our product met the strict requirements and will play an important role in the flagship programme of ESA. It is worth noticing, form the technical point of view, the device delivered for the JUICE mission is our most advanced product developed for the European space programmes so far – Iuliia Strotska, Business Development Manager at Astri Polska.

Astri Polska is a Polish leader in terms of the industrial cooperation with ESA. Only in 2018, the company will deliver to the aforesaid agency 10 ready products, such as electronic systems (EGSE) for the meteorological, telecommunication satellites, test environments for the space-grade GNSS receivers. In the forthcoming year, the company plans to expand its involvement in the ESA programmes. In order to do that, Astri Polska plans to propose ESA its own concept of the innovative platform for the testing of the satellites.

Development of the modular system for satellite testing will be another significant milestone for Astri Polska. We assume that the universality of our solutions will allow reducing the costs of the space programmes, what will give us the competitive advantage on the space market in this domain – stressed Strotska.

Astri Polska specializes in the designing and production of the hardware for the leading European space programmes as well as in the development of the dedicated applications and services based on the satellite data. Since foundation in 2010, the company was involved in 50 space projects. Currently, the company is involved in 20 projects, employing 80 Polish engineers.

The device for the JUICE mission in Astri Polska laboratory (picture: Astri Polska)
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