The GNSS antennas calibration environment developed by Astri Polska and Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn, Poland (UWM Olsztyn) granted a green light from the European Space Agency to proceed with the integration of the entire system. At the beginning of October, in the presence of the ESA technical officer, the project consortium has proven that the developed solutions are working properly in real-life conditions. The project will allow Poland to acquire significant competencies in the domain that is currently a market niche.

GRAVEr (GNSS Receiver Antenna calibration serVice for new E-GNSS signals) is a project held by Astri Polska and UWM Olsztyn for European Space Agency. It aims to develop and implement a calibration environment for GNSS antennas that are capable to receive signals on different frequencies and systems, with a special focus on Galileo, the European satellite navigation system. 

 The purpose of the tests at the UWM Olsztyn premises was to verify whether the technical assumptions of the project are correct. To do that, one test scenario was held using all the elements that will compose the final system, i.e.: calibration robot with control devices and software, measuring software, as well as GNSS antennas and receivers. At the end of October, ESA confirmed successful finalization of the project phase by acceptance of the technical documentation, that also included the results of the tests at UMW Olsztyn. The solutions developed within the project will make it possible to establish in Poland an individual GNSS antennas calibration service. 

  “Basing on the technology developed within the GRAVEr project, we would like to offer in the future, the individual service of precise GNSS antennas calibration. Increasingly, it is required that every single antenna should be calibrated independently, not only by using and average values for the particular model of antenna. Thanks to the GRAVEr project, those unique competencies are developed in Poland. –  Tomasz Grzegory, GAVEr Project Manager in Astri Polska 

Currently, the activities concerning the development of the GRAVEr system are held at the premises of UWM Olsztyn. Starting from the second quarter of 2020 the activities will be moved to the premises of Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN) in Warsaw. The GRAVEr project is funded by the European Space Agency. Astri Polska is leading the project that is held in cooperation with the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland. 

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