Tesat Selected by Mda Space to Deliver Optical Inter-Satellite Links as Part of Mda Aurora™ Supply Chain

TESAT announced it has been selected to deliver 792 Optical Communication Terminals (OCT) by MDA Space Ltd, a leading provider of advanced technology and services to the rapidly expanding global space industry, as part of the company’s supply chain for MDA AURORA™, a game-changing product line driving the transition from analogue to digital satellite technology.

The 792 SCOT80 OCTs will be manufactured on a specific line in TESAT’s new high-volume production facility in Backnang, Germany. The facility has been built to meet the requirements of the next space satellite constellations. The MDA AURORA™ supply chain will help support product deliveries for anchor customer Telesat Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation Telesat Lightspeed, an innovative, advanced global network that will bring enterprise-class connectivity to customers worldwide.

“We feel honoured that we have been selected once again working in close cooperation with MDA Space for Telesat Lightspeed. This program will result in the next level of advanced broadband networks. We have been preparing for this kind of constellation orders by investing continuously in R&D to keep our pole position in optical communications technology, already proven by in-orbit applications with more than 86,000 successful links, and by investing in our new production facility in Backnang for serial production of OCTs. The trust that MDA Space puts again in us now proves that we are well on track,”

said Thomas Reinartz, CEO of TESAT.

TESAT began its collaboration with MDA Space more than twenty years ago and has been working closely together on several successful space programs since that time.

From left to right front: Thomas Reinartz, CEO TESAT; Luigi Pozzebon, Vice President of Satellite Systems MDA Space. From left to right back: Dino Kefallinos, MDA Space Sr. Product Development Manager; Marc Dovala, MDA Space Director Subcontract Management; Sylvain Riendeau VP MDA Space Operations; Jean François Durocher de Grandpré MDA Space Programs; Sven Rettig, CCO TESAT; Peter Lust, VP TESAT. Credits: @TESAT



TESAT supplies the key components for satellite communications that are utilized for telecommunications through navigation and climate/earth observation to science. The product range spans from the smallest space-specific components to modules, entire assemblies or payloads. Over half of all communication satellites in orbit have TESAT equipment on board. It is being developed, assembled, integrated and tested by around 1,100 employees in Backnang, Germany and Merritt Island, Florida. TESAT is the first company to deliver products and systems for optical communications via laser in space. As the leading manufacturer in its field, the company helps to sustainably connect the world and make it a better place to live for everyone.

About MDA Space

Building the space between proven and possible, MDA Space (TSX:MDA) is a trusted mission partner to the global space industry. A robotics, satellite systems and geo-intelligence pioneer with a 55-year+ story of world firsts and more than 450 missions, MDA Space is a global leader in communications satellites, Earth and space observation, and space exploration and infrastructure. The MDA Space team of more than 3,000 space experts in Canada, the US and the UK has the knowledge and know-how to turn an audacious customer vision into an achievable mission – bringing to bear a one-of-a-kind mix of experience, engineering excellence and wide-eyed wonder that’s been in the company’s DNA since day one. For those who dream big and push boundaries on the ground and in the stars to change the world for the better, we’ll take you there. For more information, visit mda.space.