Orbit Communication Systems Announces Defense Orders Worth $36.7M

Orbit Communication Systems, an Israeli-based company, has recently secured $36.7 million in orders for its satellite communication technology for defense purposes. The company finalized an agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Defense, worth approximately $16.6 million, to supply advanced communication systems.

Furthermore, Orbit has been awarded a $16.5 million contract by the U.S. Air Force for the upgrade, service, and maintenance of its Airborne Digital Audio System (ADAS) communications management systems in KC-135 aircraft. This contract will span an additional 60 months.

Additionally, Orbit received a $3.6 million order from a European integrator for satellite communication systems for naval military platforms. The order includes the OceanTRx4 systems, which will provide continuous broadband satellite connectivity to a prominent European fleet starting in 2026.

Orbit’s success in securing these three contracts highlights the recognition of their technology’s reliability and superior performance. The increasing demand for advanced communication solutions across various applications further emphasizes the significance of their work. The company is motivated to intensify its efforts in the coming year to meet these demands.