Safran Selected to Provide Equipment for LeoStella Satellite Constellations

LeoStella, a manufacturer of small satellite constellations in the United States, has announced its continued partnership with Syrlinks, a Safran Electronics & Defense company based in Rennes, France. The collaboration will see Syrlinks equipping LeoStella’s latest-generation LS-300 satellite buses with its high-performance N-SPHERE GNSS receiver for low-Earth orbit applications.

This agreement further solidifies the relationship between Syrlinks and LeoStella, as they work together to integrate the N-SPHERE GNSS receiver into the LS-300 platform. The N-SPHERE solution, developed by Syrlinks, implements state-of-the-art positioning and synchronization techniques to achieve real-time precise onboard orbit determination. With its ability to synchronize with various GNSS systems and offer high-precision positioning, the N-SPHERE receiver positions Syrlinks as an important player in the international space industry.

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The integration of this advanced localization capability into the LS-300 bus opens up new opportunities for LeoStella, particularly in the international defense market. Jean-Marie Bétermier, Senior Vice President Space at Safran Electronics & Defense, expressed his delight at the continued collaboration with LeoStella, highlighting the confidence it demonstrates in their products.

Kylie Hall, Supply Chain Manager for LeoStella, emphasized the strong partnership between Syrlinks and LeoStella, stating that the integration of N-SPHERE into future satellite platforms marks an important milestone in their ongoing collaboration. With both companies committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, this partnership is set to drive innovation in the space industry.