RTX’s LEO Observation System to Monitor UK Space Assets

Raytheon NORSS, a company based in the UK, has been awarded a contract by the UK Space Agency to provide Space Surveillance and Tracking Services Data (SST) for Resident Space Objects (RSO) in low-Earth orbit (LEO).

This contract will allow Raytheon NORSS to use its ground-based Low-Earth Orbit Camera Installation sensors, known as LOCI, to collect observation data on objects in LEO, including space debris, defense assets, and commercial satellites. The data collected will enhance the UK’s space domain awareness capabilities and help keep assets in orbit safe from potential dangers. Raytheon NORSS has recently expanded the international deployment of LOCI to provide a more comprehensive picture of objects in LEO, operating the sensor network from multiple locations in the UK, U.S., and Australia.


Sean Goldsbrough, head of Raytheon NORSS, emphasized the importance of knowing what is happening in the space environment as the number of objects in LEO continues to increase. The expansion of LOCI will provide the UK Space Agency and MOD with the high-quality and timely SST data they require. This announcement follows Raytheon NORSS being selected, alongside intandem, to develop a 10-year strategy for the UK Space Agency’s National Space Operations Centre (NSpOC). The NSpOC aims to enable the UK to fulfill its space domain awareness responsibilities and is set to open in April 2024.

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