EBAD Has the “Go-To” Product To Get Your Spacecraft Into Orbit

Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense (EBAD) announces that its NEA Payload Release Modules (PRM) were used to dispense spacecrafts from the SpaceX Transporter-9 Rideshare mission.

This launch demonstrates not only the PRM product’s dispensing capabilities, but it also reinforces EBAD’s dedication to deliver products on short lead times. EBAD’s PRM is enabling its customers to reach space faster with lower integration and testing costs. The PRM was designed to interface directly with the new SpaceX Rideshare Plate, allowing for full confidence in risk mitigation and mission success.


EBAD continues its commitment to innovation with a new turnkey spacecraft dispensing product that has high reliability, fast delivery lead times, and simplified spacecraft integration onto the launch vehicle’s upper stage. The NEA Payload Release Module – PRM 9103 was designed to securely mount, retain, and dispense spacecrafts either from the upper stage of a launch vehicle or another spacecraft, such as an OTV. Prior to launch, EBAD uses its in-house capabilities to test its products against the extreme conditions of space launch, effectively simulating the vibrations, temperature changes, and dynamic conditions they experience during ascent into space.