Alpha Data Unveils ADK-VA601

Alpha Data, a company specialised in FPGA-based acceleration boards, has just launched the ADK-VA601 Versal AI Core Development Kit for Space 2.0, marking a new era in adaptable data processing in space exploration.

Alpha Data’s ADK-VA601 Versal AI Core Development Kit for Space 2.0 is poised to revolutionise space data processing. This kit, featuring a radiation-tolerant reference design in a deployable format, empowers rapid development of adaptable processors for space applications. It’s an adaptive System on Module (SoM) with on-board processing and on-orbit reconfiguration capabilities, enabling multi-sensor data fusion and ground-space network convergence. Available in Q1 2024, it aligns with space industry standards, reducing time to deployment.

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In collaboration with industry leaders such as AMD, Texas Instruments, EPC Space, and Teledyne e2v, Alpha Data has designed the ADK-VA601 to align with the on-orbit processing and modular standards of the space market.