Ovzon 3 Launch Aims for December 2023

Swedish satellite company Ovzon is collaborating with SpaceX and Maxar to launch its Ovzon 3 satellite in early December 2023.

The final assembly and testing of the satellite, as well as the complex modeling associated with changing launch vehicles, have progressed well according to plan in recent months. Ovzon is now focusing on detailed launch planning and transportation of the satellite to the launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida. While there are always uncertainties regarding spacecraft launches, Ovzon is getting closer to the launch window.

Ovzon offers mobile satellite communications services, known as SATCOM-as-a-Service, to customers worldwide. These services combine high data speed with high mobility, meeting the growing demand for global connectivity for customers with high performance and security requirements. Ovzon serves various sectors including Defense, Emergency Services, NGOs, Media, and Commercial organizations.