From Analog to Digital: Rail-Flow’s Journey to Revolutionise Rail Freight – ESA Commercialisation Gateway

On 27 November 2023, the ESA Commercialisation Days: Transportation event will take place. Key actors from the transportation and space sectors will come together to develop new synergies. Read the story below from Rail-Flow one of the start-ups that will pitch during the event. Rail-Flow is associated with NAVISP.


Have you ever imagined booking a hotel using the Yellow Pages and faxing your reservation? In the digital era, it seems almost unimaginable. But in the world of rail freight, outdated practices are still the norm. That’s where Rail-Flow steps in. The start-up brings rail freight into the digital age and significantly reduces costs by eliminating manual tasks.

Embracing the Digital Revolution

For decades, rail freight has been stuck in the past, with manual processes, underutilised resources, and limited digital access. The lack of transparency in shipment statuses and outdated methods limit the potential growth of rail, even though it is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient mode of transport. Rail-Flow sees this as an opportunity to transform the industry and make it competitive with road transport.

Fulfilling High Expectations for Rail Freight

With policymakers advocating for a transport revolution to combat climate change, rail freight’s potential cannot continue to be ignored. With the Rail-Flow digital platform, the start-up has created a key solution to this challenge. In doing so, Rail-Flow is supporting the industry to create more transparency.

The Birth of Rail-Flow Platform

Rail-Flow’s vision came to life in the form of their innovative digital platform. This intelligent platform, consisting of marketplace and SaaS solutions, simplifies access to rail. At the same time, it seamlessly connects all market participants and improves efficiency as well as transparency in execution. The platform addresses all players in rail freight transport from shippers to forwarders and railway undertakings.

RaiSu: Propelling Rail Freight to the Digital Age

Rail-Flow developed a Rail Transport Management System (TMS) that is tailored to rail transport but corresponds to the functionality of the TMS for road transport. At the same time, the system takes into account the complexity of rail transport. As part of the RaiSu project, Rail-Flow uses various data sources, from GNSS on locomotives to tracking apps, and transformed the Rail TMS into a precise real-time system.

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