PLD Space and WISeKey Collaborate to Launch MIURA 5 Satellites Ensuring Unparalleled Security

PLD Space, the European company known for designing, developing, manufacturing, and operating Europe’s first private launcher, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with WISeKey International Holding’s subsidiary, WISeSat.Space. WISeKey is a global leader in cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain, and IoT. The agreement aims to launch the next generation of ultra-secure sub-500 kg satellites for Quantum-Ready Internet of Things (IoT) communications using the MIURA 5 orbital launcher.

The main objective of this agreement is to integrate the VaultIC408 secure element into every network endpoint, ensuring high levels of security across the IoT ecosystem. The goal is to offer cost-effective and accessible solutions that allow companies and institutions of all sizes to access space. This partnership highlights the increasing global demand for space access services and validates PLD Space’s proposition.

SEALSQ and WISeSat are working together to incorporate revolutionary post-quantum solutions into the next generation of satellites. These microchips and devices are designed to withstand the evolving computing power and can be used for various applications, including multi-factor authentication devices, ensuring absolute data security in the quantum era.

While PLD Space is preparing for the launch of MIURA 1, the first private rocket developed in Europe, the company is already focusing on the design and development of the MIURA 5 orbital rocket. The launch is scheduled for 2025 from the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana. To advance its development, PLD Space is expanding its equipment and industrial capacity in Elche. The industrial facilities will be expanded from 2,600 m2 to over 12,000 m2. The company plans to hire 50 professionals by the end of the year and aims to have 300 employees by 2024.

Currently, PLD Space is in the launch campaign phase for MIURA 1, with launch windows being negotiated with INTA. MIURA 1 is a technology demonstrator with recovery and reusability requirements that have only been achieved by three companies in space history. The suborbital flight of MIURA 1 will provide valuable information to validate up to 70% of the design and technology that will later be transferred and integrated into MIURA 5.

In related news, PLD Space has expanded its industrial facilities and workforce to accommodate the development of MIURA 5. The company’s expansion plans include hiring 50 professionals by the end of the year and reaching a total of 300 employees by 2024. This growth reflects PLD Space’s commitment to advancing space access services and meeting the increasing demand for secure satellite communications.