RTX Initiates Global Rollout of Ground-Based Low Earth Orbit System

Raytheon’s space domain awareness specialist, based in the UK, has recently announced the international deployment of its Low Earth Orbit Optical Camera Installation (LOCI). This ground-based sensor system has been specifically designed to address the challenges of low-Earth orbit optical observation. The deployment of LOCI in the Sierra Mountains, California, will provide crucial observation data on objects in low-Earth orbit, including space debris, defense assets, and commercial spacecraft.

According to Sean Goldsbrough, head of Raytheon NORSS, the deployment of LOCI will expand their existing sensor network internationally, enhancing their coverage and awareness of activities in orbit. The strategically selected location in the Sierra Mountains offers minimal light pollution and cloud coverage, enabling LOCI to capture high-quality images with limited environmental interference. Furthermore, discussions are already underway for additional international locations as Raytheon NORSS aims to expand its capabilities in the future.

RTX Initiates Global Rollout of Ground-Based Low Earth Orbit System
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Goldsbrough emphasizes the importance of monitoring and supporting assets in orbit to ensure that space continues to provide technological benefits. With the global deployment of LOCI, Raytheon is at the forefront of space-based technologies, offering partners a more comprehensive understanding of low Earth orbit activities.

It is worth noting that LOCI was developed by Raytheon NORSS in Northumberland, UK, utilizing internal research and development funding.