Zenno Astronautics Presents Its Superconducting Magnetic Torquer

New Zealand headquartered space-flight systems company Zenno Astronautics (Zenno) has completed the integration of its superconducting magnetic torquer for fuel-free spacecraft attitude control, the Z01, inside D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier in preparation for its first in-orbit validation mission. The orbital transfer vehicle with Z01 integrated is slated for launch via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 in Q4 2023.

Zenno Astronautics is electrifying space, revolutionising space movement through the untapped energy of super magnets. The New Zealand-headquartered space-tech company’s flagship satellite control system magnetic torquer technology, Z01, enables fully autonomous and fuel-free satellite positioning and precision interactions between satellites. Zenno teams operate from Auckland, New Zealand and Los Angeles, USA.

Zenno co-founder and CEO Max Arshavsky says:

“We’re about to witness the beginning of a new era of superconducting technology empowering in-space operations—from satellite agility to radiation shielding, close proximity operations and beyond. This is a milestone for the Z01 and Zenno as we work to give the space industry what it needs to progress – a reliable, scalable and fully electric solution for in-orbit manoeuvrability. Zenno technology unlocks new design freedoms alongside immediate and yet-to-be-explored benefits for satellite design, mission length and expansion into space. We’re just getting started.”

Arshavsky says D-Orbita company leader in the space logistics industry, is an ideal partner, with the capability and heritage to prove Zenno’s technology in space for the satellite manufacturing sector to enable a shift to more dynamic satellite operations.

“We’re delighted to be partnered with D-Orbit in the first phase of our product delivery. With Zenno’s payload hosted on D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier, this mission will help accelerate the availability of our fuel-free technology – creating a significant paradigm shift for the New Space market and beyond.”

D-Orbit founder and CEO Luca Rossettini says:

“Innovation is at the core of the space industry, and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with Zenno to validate in orbit their disruptive technology on our ION Satellite Carrier. This marks an important step towards redefining satellite operations. This collaboration truly exemplifies our shared commitment to shaping the future of space technology, while accelerating the go-to-market phase for all the innovation in this fast-growing space sector.”

Built on Zenno’s proprietary superconducting magnet technology, Z01 enables fully autonomous and fuel-free satellite positioning and precision interactions between satellites. Z01 is designed to de-tumble, stabilize, and control the attitude of a spacecraft by aligning it to the Earth’s magnetic field and is a fraction of the size and weight of traditional technology.