DAF Senior Leaders Address Air Force Sergeants Association Conference

DAF Senior Leaders Address Air Force Sergeants Association Conference

Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall, Chief Master Sgt. of the Space Force Roger Towberman, and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass addressed over 3,000 Airmen and Guardians at the 2023 Air Force Sergeants Association Professional Education and Development Symposium in Dallas on August 9. The three-day event focused on various topics including understanding strategic competition, the role of service members in building the Force of the Future, professional development, networking, and insights from senior service leaders.

During his speech, Kendall discussed the latest developments within the Department of the Air Force and future efforts to ensure readiness. He emphasized the need to rethink current strategies and optimize them for potential conflicts outlined in the National Defense Strategy. Kendall urged Airmen and Guardians to assess their units’ readiness and make necessary improvements to be better prepared.

Bass echoed Kendall’s sentiments, emphasizing the need for Airmen to challenge the status quo and adapt to stay ahead of sophisticated competitors who may not fight fair. She highlighted the importance of being competitive and maintaining a position of leadership in all domains.

Kendall further emphasized that future security challenges are not just emerging threats but present ones that are worsening over time. He highlighted the common theme of leadership mantras across the Department of the Air Force, including General Brown’s “Accelerate Change or Lose,” General Saltzman’s focus on competitive endurance, and CMSAF’s emphasis on the need for change to progress.

Kendall clarified that preparing for conflict does not mean desiring war but rather preventing it through readiness and a strong response. He expressed gratitude to enlisted Airmen and Guardians, commending their professionalism, technical proficiency, and teamwork.

Bass stressed the importance of discipline and high standards in maintaining a strong military amid rising security challenges. She emphasized that the Force of the Future is an operational imperative and discussed the Force Development Ecosystem, which aims to recruit, train, and retain talented enlisted Airmen.

The symposium, themed “Back to Basics,” provided a platform for senior leaders to share insights and strategies for building the next generation of strong and informed Airmen. The event highlighted the importance of unity, adaptability, and modernization in a rapidly changing world.