Revolutionizing Testing for the Defence Industry – Quadsat

Revolutionizing Testing for the Defence Industry - Quadsat

The increasingly congested radio frequency spectrum and ever more complex networks are causing challenges for the defence industry. At the same time, both military satellite and radar networks are facing serious threats, both active (such as cyber-attacks, jamming, anti-satellite weapons), and passive threats (such as Radio Frequency Interference, debris, equipment failure, and even human error).

Given that the industry relies heavily on reliable satellite and radar systems for mission-critical intelligence and communications, this is naturally a major concern and something the industry is working hard to tackle.

In order to mitigate at least some of these threats, we believe regular testing in-situ should be a priority. Here are a few reasons why:

Safeguard mission-critical communications

We know that in defence, communications are not just important, they are often vital, even a life-line. If you are regularly testing and verifying your communications equipment, you will very quickly spot any errors with the equipment or the installation. That is even better if you are able to do that on site where the kit is sitting, as then you can also check for environmental factors such as interference.

Empower rapid-response capabilities

Radar plays a vital role in a range of military applications, including air traffic control, air and sea navigation, detection of aircraft or ships, targeting and attack, defence of critical infrastructure, and weather observation, so it’s imperative that it’s operating correctly. However, diagnostics of antennas and radar systems have historically been difficult to perform in-situ.

Optimize your signal performance

Having connectivity is just one part, defence companies need to ensure that the RF signal performance is optimized for clarity, integrity, and efficiency. Ensuring you have an optimum signal means you can rely on the performance and optimize your operations. Testing your equipment in-situ helps you check for any drops in that performance, as well as arming you with the knowledge to adapt and calibrate it to address any issues you uncover.

Leverage insights

It is of course not enough to know that something is not working well, you need actionable real-time insights so that you can make informed decisions and make any modifications needed. Testing on site with the right tools can help you gain those valuable oversights immediately to get your systems back up and running in no time.

Regular testing has traditionally been challenging and costly to do, especially on an ongoing basis. Our tools are changing that. We have worked with defence companies to deliver cost and time-efficient testing and verification of satellite and radar systems, giving them valuable and actionable insights and enabling them to optimize their mission-critical equipment.

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