Spacemanic: A Rising Star in the Nanosatellite Industry

Czech start-up Spacemanic has been making waves with its innovative nanosatellite solutions and CubeSat components.

Spacemanic’s journey began when it was selected to join the prestigious ESA BIC Czech Republic, a supportive Business Incubation Centre for space-focused start-ups in Europe. This opportunity allowed the company to access essential resources and guidance, helping them lay a solid foundation for their future success. Last year, Spacemanic achieved a significant milestone by successfully producing three cutting-edge satellites and by launching four satellites in total into orbit. These launches not only demonstrated their technical expertise but also marked the beginning of an exciting growth trajectory.

Spacemanic is now in the final stages of securing a substantial ESA project, focused on developing a state-of-the-art 6U nanosatellite platform. This project will serve as evidence of the company’s expertise and will open doors for further growth and partnerships. Fueling its ambitious plans, Spacemanic is actively expanding its team in the Czech Republic recognizing that the talent and commitment of its employees play a crucial role in its success.

Alongside their primary satellite endeavors, Spacemanic has cultivated a loyal customer base for standalone satellite subsystems. Their commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality components has earned them an excellent reputation not only within the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region but also internationally. This recognition has allowed them to participate in various conferences and trade shows, forging vital connections and fostering productive collaborations with significant players in the industry.

Spacemanic’s commitment to innovation extends beyond its core business activities. The company recently made headlines by launching a stratospheric balloon carrying LEGO figures to the edge of space. This captivating event captured the imagination of space enthusiasts worldwide and generated significant PR, with notable coverage on renowned portals like Their passion for exploration and their ability to captivate the public’s attention further cemented their position as a forward-thinking and dynamic organization.

Furthermore, Spacemanic celebrated a significant scientific breakthrough with the GRBAlpha satellite. This achievement not only garnered widespread attention but also demonstrated their determination to push the limits of space exploration.

Recently, the company has been selected for two highly prestigious programs. The first is the CASSINI Business Accelerator, a six-month acceleration program offering top-level business and investment coaching, training, and events. This program brings together 20 of the most promising space start-ups in Europe, providing invaluable guidance and opportunities to foster growth. In addition to this, Spacemanic was also selected for the 2023 International SpaceTech Startup Supporting Program organized by the Taiwanese government and Taiwan Accelerator Plus. This acknowledgment from an international entity showcases the company’s global appeal and its ability to establish cross-border partnerships.

With a series of accomplishments behind them and a promising future ahead, Spacemanic eagerly embraces the adventures that await. Their dedication to technological innovation, strategic collaborations, and continuous growth ensures that they will remain at the forefront of the nanosatellite industry. As they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in space, Spacemanic’s ambition is to position itself as a shining star in the ever-expanding universe of space exploration and satellite technology.