SpaceX-27 Mission Arrives at ISS with Nanoracks Customer Payloads

At 8:30pm on March 14th, SpaceX’s 27th commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS) lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with eight Nanoracks customer payloads. With this launch, Nanoracks is enabling various types of missions ranging from pharmaceutical research to educational initiatives. See below for a full rundown of the payloads flying on this mission.

  • Nanoracks CubeSat Deployer (NRCSD#25) This flight marks the 25th Mission of our commercially developed CubeSat deployers on the ISS with the following satellites:
    • Ex-Alta-2 – 3U University of Alberta – Canadian CubeSat Project (Canadian Space Agency)
    • NEUDOSE – 2U McMaster University – Canadian CubeSat Project (Canadian Space Agency)
    • AuroraSat – 2U Aurora College & University of Alberta – Canadian CubeSat Project (Canadian Space Agency)
    • YukonSat – 2U Yukon University & University of Alberta Canadian CubeSat Project (Canadian Space Agency)
    • LightCube – 1U Arizona State University (NASA Cubesat Launch Initiative)
    • ARKSat-1 – 1U University of Arkansas (NASA Cubesat Launch Initiative)
  • SPNR-1 – This is the first payload between the SpacePharma Team from Israel and Nanoracks. There are a few different scientific objectives for the SPRN-1 mission. CUTISS will study human wounds and how to heal them rapidly in space through the use of a biomaterial called Denovoskin. SuperSonic will study optimizing nutraceutical and cosmeceutical hemp derived absorption and bioavailability in microgravity.
  • DreamCoder – This is the next iteration of DreamUp’s DreamCoder spaceflight hardware, ensuring the DreamCoder program’s sustainability and longevity. DreamCoder gives students the opportunity to write code and gather data about the unique microgravity environment on the ISS, making LEO more accessible for learners worldwide.